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Speaking of Canada

Canada and Kids

Have you ever wondered why so much theatrical work involving kids is moving up north? With the exception of British Columbia (whom we commend), Canada has no form of child labor protection for children in entertainment. This article speaks to the problem. Included is the text of an article on this subject which appeared in the Toronto Sun-Times.

Wayne State Report

This is the first scientific study on the effects of early fame on children. Although there have been some summaries published on what the report contains, these have been conflicting and at times misleading. The full text of the official summary by Dr. Lisa Rapport is available here.

In Memoriam - Roddy McDowell

Welcome to the web page for A Minor Consideration. In these pages, you will find the issues concerning children in entertainment discussed in detail. We hope you'll take the time to browse the pages and familiarize yourself with what these children face. More importantly, consider taking an active role: write your representatives - help inform others. We can't continue to ignore this segment of our population.

Who are we?

"A Minor Consideration" (AMC) is a non-profit organization formed to give aid and support to child actors - past, present and future. As anyone who listens to the news knows, children who have grown up in Entertainment frequently have problems resulting from their involvement in the Entertainment industry. Major difficulties and (unfortunately) even tragedies are not unknown.

Some of the previous child actors have banded together to try to support those who need help and to address the situations that lead up to the difficulties. Most people, when made aware of the facts concerning children in Entertainment, will immediately ask how it is permitted. It happens because the general public (that's you and me) don't speak out or object. This is changing, however. Through the efforts of organizations like AMC, people are recognizing the problems. This, of course, is the first step toward a solution.


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